Advanced Technology Choices For The Best Pick and Pack Logistics

Consider selecting Pick to Light and Voice Pick as your pick pack ship options if you want the best pick and pack fulfillment in Connecticut operation in your warehouse. Retail and wholesale distribution centers are experiencing an increased need for effective and fast order Fulfillment. The need for more cost productive and efficient methods of filling orders, packing and shipping these to customers is driven by customers’ ever growing expectations and the internet shopping phenomenon. 

Depending on the needs of your distribution center, there are several available options. To determine which system will be the most suitable for your specific needs and will give you the best investment return while reducing errors and increasing productivity, will mean taking the time to carefully look at the advantages each system offers.

Pick To Light Advantages

The Pick to light system ensures employees have a concrete method of confirmation for each order filled and clear visual markers. This can substantially increase business productivity. An indicator light appears at the stock item selected for picking which makes it easier to pack. The quantity of each item selected is also indicated by a numeric readout. The employee simply pushes a button as confirmation that the items have been chosen and packed. Since this option is easy to learn and to execute your training schedules can be impressively reduced. This will see your overhead decrease and

the hire of new employees swiftly trained, even during peak holiday season. Its vitally important for temporary employees to be properly informed, especially in warehouses where seasonal products like Christmas decorations are packed.

This is a great tool for warehouses that need to pick and pack and ship a huge range of items that may vary from day to day. Individual modules of this system can be easily change or moved to another location. When inventory changes you can easily move the modules that monitor items in stock. This system also provides an incentive for employees since it not only minimizes losses because of orders that have been improperly filled, but also monitors and tracks employee accountability. This tool will encourage employees to work towards the best pick and pack logistics warehouse.

Voice Pick

With the use of a streamlined warehouse management system, employees can now receive their orders by voice and swiftly confirm these through portable computers and headsets utilizing voice pick systems.

These include faster and much more efficient packing and shipping, plus several of the advantages of the light-based system. A 50% increase in order fulfillment accuracy was shown in warehouses that previously used a warehouse stocking and packing program recorded on paper. More businesses are implementing this voice based system each year since it improves real time stock updating and training. 

Maximized Efficiency

The Voice pick system ensures that workers do not need to return to the main desk or assignment area once an order is completed. They reduce time spent retrieving new orders, spend less time on the DC floor, neither do they have to return endless paperwork. Employees eyes are free to quickly scan shelves for items and their hands are free to do a quick pack because they work according to a voice command. This substantially increases employee safety and efficiency. Investing in enough portable computers and head gear for only one shift is necessary since this can be switched to workers at the shift change. This will mean greater cost effectiveness.

Whichever solution you choose for your distribution center, you’ll immediately experience cost savings. Increased productivity, improved employee satisfaction and reduced waste, which will ensure that your system choice will pay for itself within a year.

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